Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Weight Loss Adventure, Week 15/16

With one week left on the main program, most of my classmates are gearing up for the maintenance portion of the program. I will not be joining them, instead continuing on with the product as I have so far. Still, reaching the end of the 16 weeks is a pretty cool milestone. So where am I, with one week left?

2.8 pounds down, for a total of 65.2 pounds lost.

I'm probably not going to hit my lately formed ambitious goal of 70 pounds down by the end of the program. I would need to lose almost 5 pounds this week, and I don't know if I can do that in a healthy manner. So instead I'm going to bask in my success for this week, continue to lose (if I can get 3 more pounds off this week, I'll be happy) and hit the next portion of the program running. Well, jogging. Okay, I'll still be walking, but it'll be the 5K walk three times a week that I've been doing for two weeks now. There's just over 31 weeks left in the year. Can I get down to 210 by 2013? Quite possibly. Am I going to shoot for it? Hell yes.

Next week will be my last regular update on the program. I will give periodic updates afterward, but I'll probably stop using the Kaiser weigh-in and focus more on my home scale.

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