Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Weight Loss Adventure, Week 9-10/16

Okay, much to talk about. I missed my check-in here last week, and there's much to discuss this week. First off, my home scale and the scale at KP are no longer in sync. What I would expect to weigh at home based on weight loss indicated at the office is off by approximately 2 pounds (not in my favor). So, until I figure out why there's a discrepancy, all loss in pounds will be Kaiser's measure, but any actual weight mentioned will be my home scale.

First, weight loss: last week's weigh-in had me down 3.7 pounds, and this week had me down another 3.8, for 49.5 pounds lost overall. I'd hoped to clear 50 pounds this week, so I was a little bummed by that. Nonetheless, the numbers indicated that I'd broken 300. I rushed home to see that result on my home scale and photograph it...only to be told that I was still 301.7. Quite sad. I'm hoping my morning weigh-in will prove more exciting.

Second, work: the head of my department (boss's boss) sent out an email last week, with the header "Have you seen Kevin Rhodes?" The body was about how there was less of me to see due to the weight loss program. It encouraged members of the department to ask me about the program, and to consider attending one of the orientations. It looks like the program will have enough attendees to activate, which will be all kinds of awesome.
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