Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Weight Loss Adventure, Week 7/16

First things first: I lost another 4.5 pounds, for a grand total of 38.4 pounds down. Poor Mariah Carey, she's looking quite emaciated these days.

Today at work, I noticed that the weight loss program is finally being pitched here in my office building. The orientation is scheduled for a week from today, at lunchtime. I'm going to attend, both to support the instructor (who's really great), to be a poster child for the program itself (I should be down at least another couple of pounds by then, which means I'll be walking in over 40 pounds lighter than when I started eight weeks prior), and to encourage my officemates to give the program a try. KP is really supportive of their employees' efforts to lose weight and stay healthy, but we, like everyone, sometimes need more encouragement than a poster in the office foyer. I'm hoping that my being there will encourage others to start up the program.

Plus, if it gets started here at the office, the meetings will be over lunch, and I won't have my Wednesday evenings eaten up at the Foothill clinic for the next year. So, not an entirely altruistic action on my part. :)

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