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Kern County Scottish Games

I get an email from Herald Yule, one of the bigwigs of the Kern County Scottish Society (and my ex-girlfriend's father). He informs me that last week the entertainment committee for the Scottish Games in April was approached by the drum major of the Tehachapi Pipe Band to be the Games Drum Major. They agreed.
And now, the back-story. A few Games ago, I was appointed Games Drum Major. For the past two Aprils, I served in that capacity, and I feel I did a pretty decent job. Shortly after the last Games, I was asked if I would continue to do the Games. I expressed my sincere interest in continuing, and thought that would be the end of it. Indeed, it seemed like a done deal as late as this December, when members of the committee were talking to me as if I were going to be front and center, leading the pipe bands in April. This January, I went to a Wintermist (Bakersfield-area local SCA group) council meeting and told them that I was going to be Games Drum Major, and the complaints about last year's parade of bands, clans, etc. that they had would be fixed in time for the next Games.
Then I get this email, which was the first news I had received of any contrary information. Not only that, but it's also second-hand information, as Herald is not on the entertainment committee, but felt that I needed to be told. Hal, if you're reading this, I appreciate it.
But from the entertainment committee, not a word. No phone call, no letter, no email. Nothing.
So, without any warning, I'm made a fool in front of the Scottish Society and a liar to the people in Wintermist. What's more, I have to be the better man and accept this without incident.

Apparently Hal has been turning people against each other, and manipulating various members of the Games committees to do his bidding. It was his insistance to get someone else that caused me to not be the drum major. He had "worries" that I would be too overweight to fit into my uniform, and that I would not cut my hair. So I take back my original statement of appreciation. FUCK YOU, HAL!

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