Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

And the sign said "You got to have a membership card to get inside."

I signed up with Bally's Gym yesterday. Part of my New Years resolution to work out on a regular basis. I'll be leaving periodic updates on my progress, as they become important. In the meantime, Bally's has a huge rock-climbing wall. Hell yeah!
Quick capsule review of events past:
WAR HERALD - I was approached by Selene to apply for War Herald at GWW. I told Crescent that I was interested, and it seems I'm the only one, so I probably have the job.
CONSULTING HERALD - I'm setting up a private consultation for members of the Great House Sterling. For those who don't know, Sterling takes in a lot of newcomers, and many of them don't take the time to sit down and do names or armory for themselves, though not for lack of interest. I hope to get a whole bunch of submissions done in one fell swoop, with all the household members working together to research, draw and color all their housemates' work.
SCHOOL - My new schedule is as follows:
Monday: 0800-1400 - Work
1930-2115 - Old English Language and Literature
Tuesday: 0800-1230 - Work
1300-1350 - Fencing: Sabre
1430-1700 - Work
1930-2115 - Principles of Literary Theory
Wednesday: 1930-2115 - Old English Language and Literature
Thursday: 0800-1230 - Work
1300-1350 - Fencing: Sabre
1430-1700 - Work
1930-2115 - Principles of Literary Theory

That's about it for now. Cheers.

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