Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Updates galore

I've been writing a post in my head involving birthdays and why I've chosen to start celebrating mine on October 8, but its not done yet, and I have many other things to talk about, so that's going on the back-burner.

August 21 was Crown Tournament, for which I was the event steward. The event was a tremendous success, with 418 people passing through Gate. It was 102 degrees out on the field, but apart from the heat, everyone seemed to have a grand old time. There were some hairy issues with the city that have created problems for the Barony, but we're working through them.

August 22 was Privy Council/Day of Pancakes. Apart from Privy Council attendees and volunteers, we only had about 20 people actually show up for breakfast, which was disappointing. But we did break even, and that's good news.

On Sunday morning, I got a text from Uncle KC, informing me that Ruby (my biological maternal grandmother) had passed away the previous evening, peacefully and surrounded by friends and family. My previous post covered my family reunion, so the only thing I want to add here is that I'm grateful that I was able to meet her twice, sit and have dinner with her and glean her perspective on the family's history. When it comes to my relationship with her, I have no regrets. Rest in peace, Ruby.

Yesterday (Monday) I went back to CSULB to get back on track with my thesis, only to find that I was no longer enrolled at the university. I will need to re-apply for the Spring 2011 semester in order to write my thesis and finally graduate. Ugh.

After the visit to my alma mater, I went back to work, then returned home, only to find the fire department leaving. Why was the fire department there? Why, because the laundry room (just below my apartment) had caught fire. The whole room's scorched, but the building's still intact, and my apartment suffered no damage. Close call!

And now, I sleep.

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