Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

An excerpt from "The Stag Cookbook," 1922,M1

This link should take you to Senator Smoot's Peach Cobbler. I was particularly amused by the Editor's note about the addition of brandy to cobblers prior to Prohibition, not only because it gives a great historical context to the recipe and its predecessors, but also because of my first cooking experience in the SCA.

At my first war, I brought a dutch oven and the makings for peach cobbler (well...technically peach dump cake, but the Scouts called it cobbler, so cobbler it is). In order to make the recipe more interesting, I decided to add some alcohol to the mix. Without any knowledge of the history of cobblers, and without any trial attempts, I acquired a bottle of cheap peach brandy and went to town on the cobbler. Note: brandy in cobbler makes canned peaches taste fresh.
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