Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

Rolling over

I was born on July 22, 1982. I will have been alive for 9,999 days on December 6, 2009, a Sunday. I've decided to celebrate my 10,000 day rollover that Monday. It'll be the last time I can add a digit to number of days lived (I'd have to be 370 years old by the time I hit 100,000 days), so I want to make it good. Anyone want to help me celebrate?

For those of you who want to calculate their own rollover day, first take your base number, which is 9855 (365*27). Then add the number of leap years that are between your birth and your 27th birthday. If you were born on a leap year but after February 29, or the year after a leap year before March 1, this number will be 6. Otherwise, it will be 7. Add this to your base, then subtract the whole from 10,000 (you should get either 138 or 139). Now pull out a calendar and count that many days past your 27th birthday. That day marks your 10,000 day rollover.

Jen, your rollover day happens on December 22, right around the Solstice. How cool is that?

Edit: Now that I've done all the work by hand, I come to find that someone's already made a calculator for it: He calls it 10k Day. I prefer Rollover.
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