Kevin Rhodes (cormac) wrote,
Kevin Rhodes

In Other News...

I went to Heatherwyne's March Hare/Anniversary/Defender of the Children Tournament. I was asked to run field heraldry today, which expanded to "court" duties as well (no crowned head presiding, so they were technically just announcements).

Last year, I competed in the Skillet Toss competition, and broke the skillet (bad landing to an otherwise decent toss). This year, I made sure to get on the list first, so that if I broke it this time, it would be entirely my fault, and not the combined stress of a dozen previous tosses.

Well, I tossed the skillet 72'2", a distance not matched by anyone else at the event, and so won the competition. The prize was a magnificent gift basket that included sugar, olive oil, honey dijonnaise, cinnamon, and so forth, as well as a trivet, a selection of wooden spoons, and of course a skillet, painted with the grapes of Heatherwyne.

I had a fantastic time at the event, and am really glad I went.

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