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early 4AM update, day 4

OK, so it's not 4 AM yet. I finished the hems on my tunic, so that's done. With the help of </a></b></a>lady_songsmith, I was able to procure a pattern for the cap of maintenance.
Then, it hit me! The Pelicans! Wearing a cap of maintenance might be in violation of their reserved regalia. So I looked up the registration to make sure I wouldn't offend anyone.

The registered regalia for the Order of the Pelican is:
"(tinctureless) a chapeau."

*blink* A chapeau? A hat?!?! If this is taken at face value, anyone who wears a hat to an SCA event is claiming to be in the Order of the Pelican. Now, we know (or do we?) that this can't be true, so we look at SCA traditions. Tradition holds that a cap of maintenance that is gules, doubled argent plummety (red with a white feathery lining) is the mark of a Pelican. But does it have to be red and feathery? Can it be green and cream? brown leather and white linen? checkered? I defer to my Pelican friends and other knowledgable Society members to help me decide whether making and wearing a cap of maintenance of any color would be offensive to members of the Order. Until then, the sewing situation remains:

shirt, tunic, surcoat - done.
pants - linen's not going to be warm enough, so I'll probably wear a pair of black sweatpants.
headgear - other than the cap of maintenance, I don't see anything interesting enough to make. If I can't wear that, I'll go bare-headed.

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